The modern level of competition and the active development of high technologies, their regular improvement oblige enterprises to constant innovations. This is the key to successful existence in the domestic and foreign markets. And the main direction for development is to increase the efficiency of the enterprise. To increase production efficiency easier and faster, it is recommended to use modern solutions in the field of artificial intelligence.

Automation of technological processes

Much of the modern production, especially complex, today is carried out by industrial equipment under the control of the operator responsible for managing the process. However, this approach with time ceases to be justified. A specialist of even a high class is not able to process a large array of data in a short time. Manual control of technological processes leads to the appearance of errors, omissions and unnecessary time costs.

At the same time, there are numerous reserves for increasing production efficiency, for example, deeper automation. This means that not only technological processes, but also the control over them is carried out by artificial intelligence.

Modern software CING, based on the use of neural networks, uses its own evaluation and analysis algorithms, can expand the existing database and make objective and reasonable expert decisions. At the same time, the data processing time is reduced, and the reliability of the results increases.
Automation of technological processes is carried out through the introduction of the CING system, which analyzes the existing information and the data that comes online from various sensors. Thus, the most effective decisions are made with minimal labor costs and the risk of losing valuable information.

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