Enterprises operating in complex markets and applying a large number of high-tech equipment in their operations are faced with an urgent need to improve the efficiency of production processes. Today artificial intelligence and neural networks help to cope with it. As you know, it is impossible to increase production accuracy and reduce costs without comprehensive analysis and identification of weaknesses. The neural network has all the capabilities to solve these difficult tasks.

Artificial intelligence can process a large amount of data on the course of the technological process in a short period of time (fractions of a second) and generate optimal control actions, which ensures high accuracy of control over the technological process.
Information from various devices and machines are consolidated in one database and processed in a comprehensive manner. The high accuracy of processing the collected data is due to the ability of neural networks to find unobvious logical connections. On the basis of the processed information, predictive models can be introduced and expert decisions can be made. The result of such an organization of data processing is the fact that the automation of technological processes gives significant competitive advantages to enterprises - high product quality and speed of its production.

The accuracy of the analysis is not the only advantage of artificial intelligence. The neural network is capable of learning, and therefore the increase in production efficiency will proceed with an accelerating pace. Building its own logical constructions, which are based on the resulting data set, previously solved problems and identified dependencies, artificial intelligence makes process control simple, fast and productive. For the formulation of the problem does not require its formalization, and the system itself is extremely fast. The accuracy of this work is directly dependent on the objectivity and completeness of the analysis of the data obtained from a large number of disparate sensors and instruments, and therefore the best solution for modern industries will be the introduction of artificial intelligence capabilities into daily activities.

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